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So, Jackie apparently resembles art done by 19th century artists who were trying to recreate a pre-15th century look.  Who do I resemble?  Before you smart alecks answer, check this out.  On Saturday, as we peacefully strolled along the harbor of Newhaven a woman with a shaggy, drooling dog interrupted our reverie.

Newhaven Harbor

First, it was ‘oh, how cute’ (or something to that effect) referring to Julian squished immobile into his stroller.

We stopped to chat briefly, showed Julian the mangy mutt, wished her happiness, and resumed our stroll.  Then, three steps later, she called out to us. Jackie graciously returned only to hear, ‘Is he part of the royal family?’  Sensibly, Jackie offered the only logical response, ‘What!?’  ‘You know’, the lady enthused, ‘the tv show, The Royle Family. Is he that guy that’s always going on about having a cup of tea? I’d love to get his autograph.’


The dog-lady is/was somewhat disappointed to learn that my career aspirations–let alone successes–have not ventured into the netherworld of British sitcom.  But, now that it’s been mentioned, maybe I’ll give it some thought.

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Art and Life

Is art patterned after life or does life follow art?  Hmm…deep questions, but we think we might have some insight after Jackie’s decidedly non-American encounter today. You know you’re not in the good ol’ US of A when:

a) you’re talking to two people whose title is ‘Lady’

b) those same two people comment, ‘I’ve been sitting across from this beautiful Pre-Raphaelite’ and they’re not talking about a painting.

Jackie had exactly this experience, and, to make matters all the more foreign, the two Ladies were talking about her! Yeah, she’s the Pre-Raphaelite, and, according to the Ladies, it’s absurd that anyone wouldn’t think of her as resembling a 19th century painting: ‘Oh, I’m sure you hear this all the time, don’t you?’  Well…NO!

Is this Jackie? No, it's 'Proserpine' by Dante Gabriel Rossetti, 1874.

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