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Well, in the three (almost four!) weeks since we last posted we’ve enjoyed a variety of activities.  Most fun was the week long visit with Julian’s Aunt Sharalyn.  One day, after we locked both sets of keys in the flat, we ventured out on the #41 bus to the nearby village of Cramond for an afternoon of exploration and for the refreshment of being out of the city.  We also enjoyed a lot of good chats, long walks around Edinburgh, tasty meals, including our first experience with Bangladeshi food…all told, a lovely time.

Aside from Sharalyn’s visit, these weeks have seen a continued effort to establish a routine life that’s peppered with interest.  One memorable experience was Julian’s first academic encounter, a lecture by the renowned physicist and theologian John Polkinghorne.  The subject was the intersection between science and faith, a fascinating subject well worth our time.  But also fascinating was that of the nearly 100 in attendance, two people slept soundly:  Julian and a fellow that uncannily resembled Dr. Doolittle (as played by Rex Harrison).

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